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Whether you are a buyer or a supplier, now you can download this app to help you manage the RFXs.

In the TacticSource Mobile app, you can:


  • Reviews bids submitted by suppliers on-the-go
  • Sees which suppliers already read the published RFX
  • Easily retrieves past bid results from "Closed" RFXs


  • Views recently published RFXs
  • Submits prices for Sealed Bid RFXs with mobile devices
  • Retrieves final submission prices from "Closed" RFXs
+ 86 755 2518 0252 support@TacticaCommerce.com

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30-days Free Trial

Now you can test drive it 30 days for free with unlimited RFXs. You will access to fully loaded version of CPOConnect complete with templates, demo bidders, and RFXs samples. Start trial now.